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Quality meat makes a great burger. We got that, that’s what makes our burgers one of the best in Chicago. Now top that burger with some cool ingredients. Let’s eat THAT. 

Do you like our ‘Red Eye’ or ‘Chicago Fire’ burgers but think you have an even better burger idea?

At Irish Nobleman Pub, we know that a truly great burger starts with a quality base of fresh ingredients. This is why our burgers are locally sourced from the neighborhood butcher, just down the street. Our burgers start with a half pound of a chuck & brisket blend… let your imagination be your guide on what else goes on your dream burger. 

Have a killer idea for a new burger on our menu? TELL US! 

Your burger could end up as a featured “Burger of the Week” or even on our Menu. And what else? If we pick your burger, you could win FREE burgers, swag, or gift cards- PLUS see your burger featured in our restaurant, on our site and social pages!

Submit your burger to the contest here, now!

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