Christmas is Coming…and so is the End of 2020


Has your 2020 not been what you were expecting? Does it feel like you’ve lived through six months of April and 100 days of November? Well, winter *is* coming, time is moving forward and so are we. In this last week, decorating for Christmas has started at the Nobleman, preparing ourselves for excessive amounts of merriment and cheer (that we all need after such a long year). And when we say “decorating”, we mean “Hauling-Ass-To-Be-The-Best-On-The-Block, Ostentatious, Over-the-top “decorating.” It will be a sight to behold. **We’re hoping to have all decorating completed by the second weekend of November, and we hope to see you there!

Come celebrate the last two months of this shit show of a year with us with delectable hot drinks, delicious food and excitable staff.

A Friendly Reminder as to What We’re Doing to Keep You…and us… Safe this Holiday Season

-Signs, floor markings, plexiglass partitions, sanitation stations – keep an eye out for these helpful markers as they will guide you through your time at Nobleman

-Outdoor dining only (See what we’re doing to keep you warm here) – hint: it rhymes with “Eaters”!

-Tables are all 6 feet apart – and yes, we measured

-Menus are completely touch-free – found in windows, on stands and/or easily accessed via QR code

-Only accepting alternative payments to cash – Card, Tap, Apple Pay

-Sanitation stations at the door and side patio – keeps your hands clean for the good of all

-Touch free garbage stations – nobody wants to touch a garbage can anyway

-Disposable dinnerware – guests are asked to dispose of their own plates/silverware/glasses to avoid cross-contamination with employees

-Masks are always required when not seated – if you’re up and about, please mask up

Pop-up Christmas Shop

That’s right. This year at Nobleman, we are doing a pop-up Christmas shop showcasing products from local shops and makers this holiday season. ❤ Shop local, support your local businesses and makers- they need you now more than ever. (If you want to show case your products, click –>HERE<– to see what you need to know and do)

Fun Holiday Drink Recommendation:

The Grinch

This drink gets its name from its bright green color-just like the Grinch himself. Its subtle melon flavor makes it a wonderful aperitif or a nice light drink to sip by the fire. 

1/2 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice 

1tsp sugar syrup

2 oz Midori 

Frozen melon ball , or maraschino cherry for garnish