Photo of Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago

Dining Updates- COVID Protocol


UPDATE 5/15/21:

Outdoor dining is back in full swing due to the wonderful warm weather and our ICE CREAM PARLOR is OPEN again! We are still at limited capacity indoors for the safety of our staff & customers. Whether you are looking for quiet cafe seating, an astro-turf lined sports pub feel with tvs, a more private beer garden area for a gathering, or ample super dog friendly place to hang out and have a frozen beverage while your pup enjoys a pup ice cream…. we’ve got you covered! All of this makes Irish Nobleman the ideal location to be socially responsible for those who want to get out and hang out as safely as possible. Our long term staff and teammates have relayed to us that they still feel most safe by keeping the digital ordering system in place. As much as we all would like to “go back to the way things were and hang out in a more intimate setting” we are cautiously optimistic that things are moving in the right direction and we are moving forward with what we feel is the best safety protocol for our guests and employees alike. If you have any difficulty using the digital ordering system via QR code you have two options: 1) Stop inside and ask for a server to take care of you in person, and one will be issued to you. Please make sure your party puts on masks prior to their arrival at your table each time. or 2) You can order in person at the (yellow) quick service ordering window (the ice cream window) located at the East end of the building. There you can Order and/or Start a Tab, pay cash, or order ice cream. This window is staffed during most business hours and they are happy to help with any ordering issues, order suggestions, and of course ice cream and frozen beverages! Please keep a lookout for current signage that will update everyone to any changes in protocol.

Everything we are doing, all of the changes we’ve implemented at Irish Nobleman Pub, have a foundation in the best interest of our staff, our customers, the community, and the longevity of our restaurant. We are making every effort to accommodate each and every person in an inclusive, safe, and comfortable atmosphere in unprecedented and uncertain times. We are still offering free meals to displaced/out of work industry personnel in our community. We listen to our staff, and they have indicated they feel the most safe in continuing a minimal contact environment with the customers- so we are keeping it that way for now. The health and safety of our staff and customer alike are of the highest importance to us at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago. You can find out more about Health and Safety at Irish Nobleman HERE if you are interested.

While most of our community is extremely supportive of these efforts, we understand that change is not always easy for others. We are sympathetic to those who don’t care for the changes such as digital ordering and do have other options (as outlined above) such as requesting a server or ordering from the ordering window to try to accommodate everyone. We like to think that we have created an environment that is comfortable for everyone to enjoy, and would like to remind everyone that it is and has been no easy task creating this, the pivoting, the new systems, the new technology, the programing, the elevated safety and sanitation protocols, getting outdoor areas vandalized-trying to keep outdoor dining areas heated/dry in Chicago weather, keeping track of and catering to the ever-changing rules/laws/local ordinances (and enforcing them to people who aren’t thrilled or are mad about them), affording all of the above mentioned things, and the wide range of emotions that have gone along with all of these. Much of our wonderful staff has gone through all of this right with us. Of course we gave our employees the option of continuing work at the restaurant if they felt safe to do so and we kept them employed through the pandemic, listening closely to their concerns and suggestions for what a “new safe workplace” would look like, and we created everything you see now with their help. We value and respect our team and expect that our guests show that same respect to every employee at Irish Nobleman. We understand that you might not like the “new normal” or wearing masks, or social distancing, or slightly longer wait times and that’s your right- but being abusive, pugnacious, condescending, or otherwise rude to any of our staff (whether it’s the busboy, bartender, manager, or owners) will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave, and not return. Please keep this in mind as you join us with respect and compassion for our entire organization that has continued to serve our community despite the challenges. We’re all in this together.