Ritual Non-Alcoholic Spirts in Chicago

Dry January at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago

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If you decide to give up imbibing on the hard stuff for the month in execution of “Dry January” you can still hang at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago sans alcohol. No need to suffer by staying in the entire month- turning into a hermit for your health. Irish Nobleman offers a mocktail menu year round (and we have since we first opened our doors) with several additional specials in honor Dry January. Check out more info on our Mocktails and Non-Alcoholic (alcohol-free) Options at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago here.

And if you are doing Dry January this year, you REALLY aren’t even clost to alone. A recent article in Forbes, Expect Dry January To Be Bigger Than Ever In 2021, stated that an anticipated nearly 6.5 million people will be participating in abstaining from alcohol in January 2021 in comparison to approximately 3.9 million in January of 2020. As a reminder, Irish Nobleman is one of the select bars and restaurants that stocks a selection of non-alcoholic spirits year-round. YES, that’s a thing- you can go to a bar in Chicago and get a non-alcoholic spirit like whiskey, and it’s pretty freaking cool if you ask us. Seedlip and Ritual are the two brands we currently carry and a variety of flavors are available. Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits have more unique and herbaceous flavor profiles while Ritual really hits it home with non-alcoholic spirits that closely mimic the real thing (we carry a GIN and a WHISKEY that are non-alcoholic.) More info on Ritual Alcohol-Free Spirits | Non-alcoholic Gin & Whiskey now being served at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago can be found here!

Let’s not forget the old staples, also known as near-beers, NA beers, or non-alcoholic beers. Our selection of non-alcoholic beers though is not your old flavor lacking Sharps beer… A refined selection of palate pleasing NA beers from Krombacher and Lagunitas are a much welcomed upgrade.

Whatever your flavor, choice, reason for not drinking alcohol- you’re always welcome at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago and our knowledgeable bartenders are always happy to assist you in your selection. Cheers!