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Health and Safety

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Health & safety have always been in mind. Ours, yours, and the Earth’s.

Health, safety and happiness have always been top priorities for Irish Nobleman Chicago. Now more than ever there’s an urge, a sense of duty to share what we are doing for our community, WITH our community. So here are some of the steps taken to support these important topics… From extra sanitation stations to tamper evident tape on takeout orders, eco-friendly choices and local sourcing, to social distancing/staff distancing/and contactless ordering, and feeding displaced industry workers and first responders, Irish Nobleman has been ahead of the curve (and trends) in developing and implementing practices and tools to keep our community healthy and safe.

Remember when the news hit about the delivery drivers of major 3rd party food delivery services [UberEats, Grubhub, etc] nonchalantly admitting to snacking on and “taste testing” customers’ carry-out food? Who could forget that gross feeling in the pit of your stomach thinking about that last meal you had delivered. Still thinking about that driver with the runny nose having his slimy fingers in your… ok (moving on!) Irish Nobleman immediately (practically the next day) stocked up on tamper evident packing tape and started sealing take out order bags. So good news- you can order carry out from at least one place in Chicago that a (possibly ill) delivery driver can’t snag half your fries or nibble on your…

Speaking of food delivery and packaging, straws are by request, and did you notice the takeout bags at Irish Nobleman? We are constantly striving to make more eco-friendly choices. The larger to-go orders are packaged in reusable, recycled paper bags (hand stamped with non-toxic ink) and they can even be recycled again. The plastic bags used for smaller orders? Well those green bags aren’t just because we’re Irish! They are totally biodegradable, and this environmentally-friendly option has a much less damaging carbon footprint than standard plastic restaurant carryout bags. Even the foam takeout boxes are recyclable (and made in the USA just like the bags!)

The food itself? Locally sourced and organic whenever we can. We have great relationships with local purveyors to provide us (and you) with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients that we cook up fresh in our scratch, made-to-order kitchen. Things might take a little bit longer, but we’re good food not fast-food. Did you know that the butcher down the street does a custom grind for our Nobleman burgers? We pick the meat up fresh and hand press each burger, grilling each one to perfection when ordered.

The health of our extended local community is also important. That’s why Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago has been offering free meals to all displaced/out of work service staff since the beginning of the pandemic. Find out more about how Irish Nobleman is feeding the community, and how you can support our efforts, here.

Since COVID19… additional changes for health and safety.

UPDATE 5/15/21:

Outdoor dining is back in full swing due to the wonderful warm weather and our ICE CREAM PARLOR is OPEN again! We are still at limited capacity indoors for the safety of our staff & customers. Whether you are looking for quiet cafe seating, an astro-turf lined sports pub feel with tvs, a more private beer garden area for a gathering, or ample super dog friendly place to hang out and have a frozen beverage while your pup enjoys a pup ice cream…. we’ve got you covered! All of this makes Irish Nobleman an ideal location to be socially responsible for those who want to get out and hang out as safely as possible. Our long term staff and teammates have relayed to us that they still feel most safe by keeping the digital ordering system in place. As much as we all would like to “go back to the way things were and hang out in a more intimate setting” we are cautiously optimistic that things are moving in the right direction and we are moving forward with what we feel is the best safety protocol for our guests and employees alike. If you have any difficulty using the digital ordering system via QR code you have two options: 1) Stop inside and ask for a server to take care of you in person, and one will be issued to you. Please make sure your party puts on masks prior to their arrival at your table each time. or 2) You can order in person at the (yellow) quick service ordering window (the ice cream window) located at the East end of the building. There you can Order and/or Start a Tab, pay cash, or order ice cream. This window is staffed during most business hours and they are happy to help with any ordering issues, order suggestions, and of course ice cream and frozen beverages! Please keep a lookout for current signage that will update everyone to any changes in protocol.

UPDATE Spring ’21:

During the early 2021 blizzard, our outdoor tents were completely destroyed. A careful decision was then made among the staff to cautiously reopen indoor dining a little sooner than we had planned. We are still at limited capacity indoors with just 50% occupancy indoors. However, just before St. Patrick’s Day, we were able to replace our outdoor tents and revitalize our outdoor dining area. Our outdoor dining area tents are OPEN sided tents allowing for full air-flow. We have infrared heaters inside the tents, and flame heaters outside the tents. Additionally, we have outdoor tvs for the games, making Irish Nobleman an ideal location to be socially responsible for those who want to get out to watch the games.

For the well-being of our staff, customers, neighbors, family and friends, we have implemented new systems to increase social distancing and safety measures. Look up look down and look all around at signs, floor markings, plexiglass partitions, sanitation stations, and guide signage. We have also decided to keep outdoor dining only at this time as we care more about our staff and their well-being, and so have decided to err on the side of caution.

Six foot social distancing is the recommended spacing by the CDC. Floor decals were applied to the ground around Irish Nobleman to remind everyone of social distancing when not seated. The tables have been spaced per guidelines, and we ask that customers not move tables or slide them together.

Ordering has changed. In an effort to keep our staff working safely, we sat down with the team and created a system with which they were comfortable and happy. Dine-in ordering can be done in several ways (take-out and delivery are available right from the Irish Nobleman website.) For stately, our staff all agreed that they feel more comfortable being behind a plexiglass partition, so we have temporarily suspended server order-taking at the tables. However, that’s been replaced with some super cool new ordering options! Menus are now touch-free. You’ll find menus posted in the windows, on stands, and via QR codes right on your smartphone.

Grab a table or step up to the ordering window where you can place your order- your number/name will be called as soon as your order is ready. Or, scan the QR code on your table (navigate to: with a smartphone and place your order completely contactless. Irish Nobleman Pub is currently requesting alternative payment methods to cash and has installed apple pay/credit card/tap devices at the ordering counter for convenience.

Sanitation stations have been added to the front of the restaurant and side of the patio with sanitation spray bottles, foaming hand sanitizer, and covered touch free garbage receptacles. Currently, Irish Nobleman has switched to all disposable dinnerware and asks guests to please dispose of their own plates/silverware/glasses in the waste baskets provided.

Masks are required when not actively eating or drinking, and whenever you are not seated. One person is allowed inside the restaurant at a time to use the facilities. Masks that fully cover your nose and mouth must be worn for the duration of time inside the building for the safety of our staff, family, friends, customers and neighbors.

Hopefully things will settle down and we will all be able to enjoy sitting around the bar cracking a joke with our favorite bartenders soon. In the meantime, please be courteous to our staff/team as they are working extra hard under these new regulations and in an unprecedented situation to provide you with a safe, healthy, and happy dining experience at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago.

Please follow posted signs such as this, when dining with us.

Irish Nobleman is also very community centered and is continuously helping to keep the neighborhood safe. Check out this article from Block Club Chicago about Irish Nobleman spearheading a community effort to add speed bumps to Noble and Erie streets. Did you know that Irish Nobleman Pub has been feeding all displaced industry workers since the beginning of the pandemic 2020? Check out our relief efforts below: