Bartender Approved Cocktail Tools for at home use

Home Bar Tools, Bar Accessories, Proper Glassware now available at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago with your carryout and togo orders


Stuck home at home and imbibing during the #covid19 shelter in place quarantine? Getting a little board with the same ol same ol? Aren’t most of us? (Spoiler: YES)

Well if you’re anything like a lot of us out there, the walls might be feeling a little smaller & you might be realizing that you miss the craft & flair of your favorite bartenders’ cocktails and savoring it from a proper cocktail glass. And then you realize you don’t really know how to make said cocktails or you don’t have access to the right glassware (see why glassware makes a difference.) While we can’t put your favorite bartender in your kitchen to whip you up a fabulous quarantine libation (due to health risks of course, otherwise they might just volunteer) we can however, provide you with all of the tools and instructions to self-entertain and home-make your cocktails.

Thanks to our friends at Chicago Bar Shop (who have the greatest bar supply, tools, accessories and gift store around!) we’re now able to offer proper glassware, home bar tools, bitters, accessories and bar kits for curbside pickup at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago. Chicago Bar Shop has a huge selection of mixing tools, standard and specialty glassware, mixology items, bartender favorites, and even at home bar kits in their Lincoln Park retail store as well as in their online bar accessory store at

Irish Nobleman Pub is now stocking a selection of most requested, top bar tools, accessories, glassware, bitters, and at home (self-) entertaining essentials at our River West (1367 W Erie St, Chicago, IL) location. This includes Chicago based local craft creations such as BitterEx bitters and Chicago Flag bottle openers. These items will be available for immediate (30 minutes or less) contactless pickup through their delivery window or curbside pickup. Orders over $100 may also request free contactless home delivery. These Chicago Bar Shop items may be purchased and combined along side a food order from Irish Nobleman, or independently.

Looking for specialty items that aren’t as common or we aren’t stocking at the restaurant currently? Most additional items found at Chicago Bar Store can be transferred to the Irish Nobleman for pickup within 24-48 hours or shipped to your home for free.