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Indoor Dining Updates 2021: Our Response

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UPDATE 10/19/21:

The City of Chicago has made it increasingly difficult to operate unfortunately, and unless they decide to extend the outdoor permits, our outdoor dining area will cease at the end of the month. They have already forced us to cease having our cafe seating on the west side of the building, and further would not approve our beer garden on the east side of the building either. The patio dining at the front of the building is still open, until 10/31/2021. Although the city did also force us to remove our outdoor cafe lights, hanging flower baskets/planters, and American & Irish Flags. We have involved our liquor lawyers, an expediter, and have been in touch multiple times with city officials to attempt to continue outdoor dining for all of those who do not yet feel safe in an indoor dining experience. We are doing out absolute best to ensure an environment of inclusiveness. Current hours of operation: CLOSED Monday, Tues-Thurs 4pm-2am, Friday 11am-2am, Saturday 11am-3am, Sunday 11am-12am.

UPDATE 5/15/21:

Outdoor dining is back in full swing due to the wonderful warm weather and our ICE CREAM PARLOR is OPEN again! We are still at limited capacity indoors for the safety of our staff & customers. Whether you are looking for quiet cafe seating, an astro-turf lined sports pub feel with tvs, a more private beer garden area for a gathering, or ample super dog friendly place to hang out and have a frozen beverage while your pup enjoys a pup ice cream…. we’ve got you covered! All of this makes Irish Nobleman an ideal location to be socially responsible for those who want to get out and hang out as safely as possible. Our long term staff and teammates have relayed to us that they still feel most safe by keeping the digital ordering system in place. As much as we all would like to “go back to the way things were and hang out in a more intimate setting” we are cautiously optimistic that things are moving in the right direction and we are moving forward with what we feel is the best safety protocol for our guests and employees alike. If you have any difficulty using the digital ordering system via QR code you have two options: 1) Stop inside and ask for a server to take care of you in person, and one will be issued to you. Please make sure your party puts on masks prior to their arrival at your table each time. or 2) You can order in person at the (yellow) quick service ordering window (the ice cream window) located at the East end of the building. There you can Order and/or Start a Tab, pay cash, or order ice cream. This window is staffed during most business hours and they are happy to help with any ordering issues, order suggestions, and of course ice cream and frozen beverages! Please keep a lookout for current signage that will update everyone to any changes in protocol.

UPDATE Spring ’21:

During the early 2021 blizzard, our outdoor tents were completely destroyed. A careful decision was then made among the staff to cautiously reopen indoor dining a little sooner than we had planned. We are still at limited capacity indoors with just 50% occupancy indoors. However, just before St. Patrick’s Day, we were able to replace our outdoor tents and revitalize our outdoor dining area. Our outdoor dining area tents are OPEN sided tents allowing for full air-flow. We have infrared heaters inside the tents, and flame heaters outside the tents. Additionally, we have outdoor tvs for the games, making Irish Nobleman an ideal location to be socially responsible for those who want to get out to watch the games.

Chicago, IL- January 23rd, 2021, Governor Pritzker has implemented new rules for the city of Chicago which will allow 25% occupancy for indoor dining- effective today. Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago would like to keep you, our loyal and supportive friends, family, neighbors, and customers informed on our response and how we intend to move forward. We couldn’t have made it through this past year with the COVID-19 pandemic, the indoor dining ban, or any of the challenges or heartbreaks of 2020 without you (nor our wonderful long-term, dedicated staff [and their efforts to spread smiles in tough times]). So, we’ll try to outline our response, reasoning, and plans as best as we can with transparency since so many have been reaching out with questions.

The sudden indoor dining re-opening in Chicago is well, sudden. And, most restaurants cannot effectively nor safely make these complete changes in logistics overnight. We also know that this sudden lift of the ban comes as a shock to many of our customers, peers, & friends as well- after headlines of just last week have warned of dangerously rising COVID-19 cases within the city of Chicago, mutation strains of COVID-19 on the upswing, and the published pleas from local healthcare workers and first responders to be more diligent in efforts to stop the spread. Regardless of your personal take on the conflicting messages, we can all acknowledge that these mixed signals have caused concern for those who work in a public facing, potentially vulnerable role, such as restaurant workers. The physical and mental wellbeing of the staff is important to the owners of Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago. As a reminder, you can find out more about Health and Safety at Irish Nobleman here.

As soon as we feel it is safe (as a team) to re-open indoors, we certainly will- we’re all very much excited to return to indoor dining. But, we don’t feel right forcing our employees into a situation where they feel unsafe or uncomfortable. We are taking into consideration all preventative measures and equipment available, and discussing these options with our staff to see what the team is comfortable with implementing. In the meantime, our outdoor patio with outdoor TVs and heaters will still be in operation until further notice. We do also allow customers inside (with masks) to order & warm up by the fireplace 🔥