Local Newspapers Rally Behind Irish Nobleman Pub: Shedding Light on Bullying and Harassment

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A ray of hope shines on the Irish Nobleman Pub as the local newspapers have taken up their cause, shedding light on the bullying and harassment faced by this beloved community establishment at the hands of Alderman La Spata’s office. With headlines splashed across pages, we are witnessing the power of collective action as the public unites against unfair treatment and advocates for justice.

The stories have been picked up by reputable local newspapers, capturing the attention of readers across the city. These articles serve as a testament to the seriousness of the situation, giving voice to the struggles endured by the Irish Nobleman Pub and other local businesses facing similar challenges.

The first article (right) highlights the ongoing struggle to obtain or renew the Extended Outdoor Dining (EOD) permit, a critical aspect of the pub’s operations. Alderman La Spata’s office initially refused the permit unless the pub gave up their small sidewalk cafe, and even after obtaining it, they faced a reduction in outdoor seating capacity, putting their business at a disadvantage.

The article goes on to explain the pub’s attempts at engaging in a dialogue with Alderman La Spata’s office, only to be met with silence and dismissal. The lack of communication and refusal to address their concerns left the Irish Nobleman Pub without a voice in their own fight for justice.

The coverage provided by these local newspapers has not only brought the plight of the Irish Nobleman Pub to the forefront but has also ignited a wave of support from the community. The rallying cry of #SupportIrishNobleman has spread across social media, encouraging more individuals and businesses to stand united against bullying and harassment.

Link to full PDF of the above Skyline Publications article.

Link to full PDF of the above Inside Publications article.

The second article delves into the drawn out situation between Irish Nobleman and Alderman La Spata. It even touched on a recent meeting and the Irish Nobleman’s unheard heartbreaking plea for help from the pub concerning the patio and the alarming increase in violence and reckless driving in the area. Despite seeking solutions, they were met with indifference at every turn and instructed to collect a petition, leaving them without the support they desperately needed.

Link to full PDF of the above Inside-Booster Publications article.

In this fight for fairness and justice, we must commend the bravery of the Irish Nobleman Pub for stepping forward and sharing their story. Their courage has sparked a broader conversation about the importance of supporting local businesses and holding those in power accountable for their actions.

As the momentum grows, we call upon Mayor Brandon Johnson to take note of the public’s outcry and intervene in this situation. We need the mayor’s support to rectify the injustices faced by the Irish Nobleman Pub and to send a clear message that abuse of power and retaliation against local businesses will not be tolerated in our city.

Let us continue to stand in solidarity with the Irish Nobleman Pub and all businesses affected by similar abuses. Together, we can create a community where businesses can thrive, free from the fear of unwarranted scrutiny and harassment.

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