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Mocktails and Non-Alcoholic (alcohol-free) Options at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago | Alcohol-Free Bar Menu

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Update: Irish Nobleman Pub now carries Ritual Zero-proof Gin and Zero-proof Whiskey as well as three flavors of Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits (Garden 108, Spice 94, and Grove 42) in addition to our earlier offerings.

So, you don’t drink. We don’t judge- and nobody should! Whether it’s for personal reasons, religious, health, pregnancy, or just overall well-being or desire to abstain- we support your decision and want to give you more options when enjoying a night out at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago. Dining out or hanging & watching a game with friends at a bar can be daunting if you don’t consume alcohol- but it shouldn’t be, and we aim to be as inclusive with our offerings as to give everyone something to enjoy.

Don’t drink ever or just don’t want to drink any more today or just not tonight- that’s all YOUR call- but frankly we like having options.

At Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago you should never have to justify not-drinking, it’s just that accepted here. Not strange, nobody will raise an eyebrow, and our staff will never judge you or ask you the dreaded– “but, why?” Our pub entertains a lot of different folks from endless walks of life and preferences. We absolutely LOVE having a completely alcohol free menu for our countless year-round baby showers too!

We’ve been doing the alcohol free cocktails and mocktail menu since we opened. To us, it’s not a fad- but we’re thrilled to see the rising trend! Ask your server or bartender for the most up to date options and seasonal selections, but here are a few of the regular items you can expect….

A variety of delectable cocktails made from natural botanicals, house made & popular simple syrups and herb extracts, juices, mixed juices, sodas & colas, specialty sodas such as flavored San Pellegrino, bottles of mineral water such as Perrier, and individual bottles of flat water. A lot of traditional non-alcoholic beers are kind of lacking, so we brought in flavor packed alternatives like German Imported Krombacher NA beers in a few varieties that your taste buds will actually thank you for. We also carry all three varieties of Seedlip alcohol-free spirits (Garden 108, Spice 94, and Grove 42) as well as Ritual zero-proof gin and Ritual zero-proof whiskey.

Feel like something that’s somewhere in-between the fully leaded and unleaded? We got that covered too. Low ABV cocktails are a real thing. (A really awesome thing!) And, we have a variety of options for when you don’t mind a hint of alcohol but don’t want the full-powered variety. Just tell our seasoned bartenders what you’re in the mood for- or give them an idea of a flavor profile you’d enjoy tonight (sweet, tart, spicy, savory, etc) and in no time they’ll whip up something special, just for you. Sometimes a couple dashes of bitters (we carry a pretty hefty stock of some pretty fabulous flavors) is all the alcohol you really need for a low ABV weekday or winding down the evening cocktail.

So if you’re looking for a bar in Chicago that serves low ABV cocktails, alcohol-free spirits and zero-proof whiskey & gin cocktails in addition to a robust mocktail menu- look no further than Irish Nobleman Pub, located at 1367 W Erie St in Chicago’s River West neighborhood.