Ritual Zero Proof Whisky and Gin now served at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago

New Arrivals: Ritual Alcohol-Free Spirits | Non-alcoholic Gin & Whiskey now being served at Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago

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Whatever your reason for not drinking alcohol- it’s yours (and yours alone!) Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago wants to give you more options in your beverage selection. Now serving Ritual zero-proof whiskey and Ritual zero-proof gin. Because, don’t drink ever or just don’t want to drink any more today or just not tonight- frankly we like options.

Ever wanted to continue hanging out with your buds or besties to finish the game or finish out this week’s gossip catch up session but didn’t really want that extra alcohol because you had to ________ (insert: work in the morning, drive home) or didn’t want the extra calories or to feel like garbage from over-indulging? Think we’ve all been there at some point.

Enjoy the “ritual” of drinking but avoid the less-desirable side effects. Ritual currently comes in a Gin and Whiskey variety- Irish Nobleman Pub Chicago carries both. Non-GMO and gluten free, these alcohol free spirits are made from natural botanicals and can be subbed out in many many cocktails.

We have been enjoying Ritual zero-proof whiskey in coke or diet coke, although the possibilities are really pretty endless (and a matter of taste preference.) The gin can easily be served up as a gimlet or mixed into a pretty fabulous gin & tonic- or any number of other tasty combinations depending on your taste or mood.

Our bartenders like to point out that Ritual zero-proof spirits have a bit of a “bite” to them similar to the burn of real alcohol. Turns out they add a little bit of the spicy component of hot peppers to achieve the effect, and that attention to detail- well it’s pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

Wondering what bars are serving Ritual zero-proof whisky or Ritual zero-proof gin in Chicago? Right here, Irish Nobleman Pub now proudly serves Ritual: 1367 W Erie St, Chicago. If you’re searching for a retail store to purchase a bottle of Ritual zero-proof whisky or Ritual zero-proof gin in Chicago, stop on over to Chicago Bar Shop located at 921 W Armitage Ave (Lincoln Park, just steps off the Armitage Brown Line stop.) The Chicago Bar Store also carries Seedlip alcohol-free spirits, bitters, bar tools, unique bar gifts, and they build and design bars and restaurants (they even built Irish Nobleman back in the day.)